About us:

Bhalala Foods engaged in processing & exporting of Dehydrated Onion and Garlic, our sales department, which export on a global basis. It has now emerged as a sound and strong business actives in Western India with multi-dimensional industrial and business activities in the fields of agro products, The Group is already manufacturing and one of leading exporter of dehydrated onion and garlic in various forms. Our product range is as follows: Slice, Flakes, Kibbled, Chopped, Minced, Granules and 1st & 2nd grade Powder.

All products are available in First and Second Grade. Besides onion dehydrating, ensuring the quality of our products is a high priority. An Excellent Dehydrated Foods processing facility created by Bhalala Foods includes the plant with highest capacity state-of-art technology fully hygiene automatic dehydration plant with quality products. Our product passes from Automatic Metal detector to purify quality from ferrous & non-ferrous. We have also installed a new electronic color sorting machine for sorting dehydrated onions products and also made some changes in plant installing additional automatic process machines to avoid any micro problem Dehydration techniques have come a long way in recent years. Old technology left as much 12% moisture in the dehydrated products. With present technology, that we have moisture levels have been reduced to 5% to 6% Storage life has been increased to several years. You will find that in our quality policy that how do we take care of our products. We are also having our own Lars farm to produce Row Onion and Garlic That is the reason that we can offer quality products at very competitive rate. That is why we are well known international market. Many customers are enjoying our products last 12 years worldwide, countries like Germany , USA , Holland , France , Canada , Spain , UK , Poland , Brazil , UAE, Russia , Etc. Our network is wide spreader we can offer our products at any part of the world.

Bhalala Philosophy: Aiming Towards Excellence
We believe that customer satisfaction is a big advertisement and quality cannot be bargained. Quality conscious customers and they are behind of our success. We succeed to differentiate ourselves not on size but for our commitment to keep quality and Services to Customers. Customer satisfactions are our motto. Good quality and timely execution of orders is always guaranteed.

Bhalala Foods thanking you for taking visit of our web. We urge you to give us your feedback. Your suggestions will always be respected to full feel your requirement you can contact us & can get product samples.